RONXS 2022 New Candles lighters

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RONXS 2022 New Candles lighters, 2in1 Electric Lighter&Butane Lighter,You Can Switch Electric Arc or Soft Flame to Meet All Your Need, Light More Fun for You

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  • 【Multipurpose 2 in 1 Lighter】RONXS RX07 lighter can generate electric arc or soft flame torch separately. Easy switch between 2 modes greatly facilitates everyday ignition.【Butane Gas Not Included】
  • 【Easy Reach Lighter】 Makes a great candle lighter with its 2.64-inch extended head that helps keep fingers further from the flame. RX07 350 mAh rechargeable batteries, better in charging efficiency and quality.
  • 【Light up More with Flame】To start a soft flame torch, just pull the large switch toward your body. Flame mode helps you efficiently light items like cone incense, a wooden wick, tinder, and a firepit. 1g butane capacity.
  • 【Multiple Security Protection】2 modes are not available unless the safety lock is “ON”. The power will be auto cut off in 7s in electric lighter mode.
  • 【Hangable & Portable, Best Gift】Detachable soft lanyard makes it convenient to hang on the door hook and kitchen hanger. Unlike disposable matches, RX07 lighter can always be found when you need it emergently.
  • 【Customer Service】RONXS customer service replies within 48 hours and 12 Months worry-free warranty.

1 review for RONXS 2022 New Candles lighters

  1. MikE

    if you want the flame function, you need to add butane. It isn’t shipped with any in it. I see a lot of reviews that say the flame doesn’t work but none of them say whether they added attempted to add it. You can pick some up from Home Depot for under 10 bucks. One can be able to refill it a bunch of times. It takes about 10 seconds to do. Keep in mind that there is no flint. The plasma function is used to ignite the flame, so it won’t work if the battery is dead.

    You should charge it when you get it for the best results. I went straight to lightning things on fire but it worked more reliably after a full charge.

    If this continues to work reliably I’m done with disposable lighters. The BBQ-style lighter is also great for safety as your fingers never get too close to the heat.

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