What Does Candle Snuffer Mean?

Candle snuffers are useful tools for candle care and safety. They’re designed to put out lit candles without splattering hot wax everywhere, but they can also be used to safely extinguish votives and tapers.

The key is to use a candle snuffer properly; it’s not something you should just pull out of your drawer at will because it’s convenient or because it looks cool when you’re done using it. A good candle snuffer should be sturdy and have a long handle so that you can keep all of your fingers away from the flame while putting out your candles safely without getting burned yourself!

What Does Candle Snuffer Mean?

A candle snuffer is a useful tool to have in your candle care arsenal.

Candle snuffers are small, metal devices that help to extinguish flames by creating a vacuum around the wick. The most common candles have a thin layer of wax on top of their wicks and if you snuff out the flame before it goes out completely, you can save your candles from burning through their entire supply in one night (or even less).

When using a candle snuffer, it’s important to remember that only certain types of candles are safe for use with this tool—the safest bet is always beeswax tapers or pillar-base candles because these types don’t burn so quickly. If you’re unsure about which type will work best for you, ask an expert at your local store!

The candle snuffer is a traditional way to put out a burning candle.

While a candle snuffer is a traditional way to put out a burning candle, many people like using a wick dipper instead because it’s better at extinguishing the flame. This can be particularly useful if you’re trying to extinguish a single-wick candle or one that has been improperly trimmed.

A wick dipper is similar to a candle snuffer in that it lets you tap out the remaining wick at the top of your jar and then snuff out its remaining flame with ease.

However, where this utensil differs from other types of snuffers is that instead of having holes for pouring wax down into them (as do most other types), these devices have one central hole intended for pouring liquid into before use—you’ll need something else like an empty glass jar or bowl if you want to access inside those holes!

Candle snuffers are used to safely extinguish candles, keeping hot wax from splattering everywhere as you put out the flame.

  • The first step to using a candle snuffer is to put on safety goggles. This will protect your eyes from the hot, burning wax.
  • Next, you’ll need to find a safe place for the candle snuffers. You can use any surface that won’t get too hot when used with hot wax—like a cutting board or glass table top for instance—but some people prefer sticking with metal surfaces like pots and pans instead because they’re easier to clean up afterward.
  • Once you’ve found somewhere suitable for your candle snuffers, grab one of them and place it over the flame. Then blow out air until all but one corner has been extinguished (or if there’s still some smoke coming out).
What Does Candle Snuffer Mean?

Snuffers are also more likely to put out the flame on the first try, which means fewer trips back and forth between the candle and whatever container you’re putting it in.

You can also use a snuffer to extinguish any candle that you’re burning. When it’s time for your candles to go out, simply remove the snuffer from its holder and push down on the center of your candle until it falls out of its container. This will put out any hot flames and prevent them from spreading throughout your entire home or office (or even worse—your car!).

While this is all well and good, there are some downsides associated with using snuffers:

  • Snuffers are heavy. If you have trouble lifting them high enough to get at their top edge without placing too much pressure on them, then consider using another method like a pair of tongs instead!

A candle snuffer is a tool designed to put out lit candles without splattering hot wax everywhere.

A candle snuffer is a tool designed to put out lit candles without splattering hot wax everywhere. The name comes from the way they were originally made: they had a long handle and were carried like an umbrella. This allowed them to be used at night when you couldn’t see what you were doing!

You can also use this tool if your hands are too greasy with cooking oils or other substances that might cause splotches on your tablecloth when you set down an ironed garment (like an ironing board).

How To Clean Candle Snuffer

Cleaning a candle snuffer is easy, and it doesn’t require any special tools or equipment. All you need is a small towel, soap, and warm water.

1. First, use the towel to wipe down the entire candle snuffer. This will remove any excess wax from around the edges of the snuffer and allow for easier cleaning.

2. Next, dampen another towel with warm water and wring it out until it’s completely dry. Place this towel over the top of your candle snuffer and rub vigorously in one direction until it no longer feels sticky when you run your fingers across its surface.

3. Continue rubbing in one direction until all traces of residue have been removed from the snuffer’s surface.

What Does Candle Snuffer Mean?

Tips to Maintain a Candle Snuffer Clean

  • Clean the snuffer after each use.
  • Use warm water and soap to clean the snuffer.
  • Rinse it under running water.
  • Do not put it in the dishwasher as this may damage the metal parts of the snuffer.


It’s a good idea to keep a candle snuffer on hand at all times, especially if you work with candles often. It’ll make your life easier when it comes time to put out the flame, and it’s also another tool in your arsenal against candle accidents.

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