Is It Safe To Put Crystals In Candles? (With Guide)

If you’re looking for some way to add a unique touch to your candles, crystals are the perfect solution. They have their special energy and can help create some beautiful effects in candlelight. But is it safe? Can you put crystals in candles?

Yes! However, some rules must be followed when using crystals with candles—and here’s everything you need to know about it so that you can get started with crystal-infused candles on your next project.

Is It Safe To Put Crystals In Candles? (With Guide)

Is It Safe To Put Crystals In Candles?

You can put any crystals in candles, but it is important to know what type of crystals you want to use. Some types of crystals will give off more heat than others and therefore make your candle more effective. For example, clear quartz is a very good choice since it emits light and heat when heated by the flame of your candle.

You can also use crystals that you already have or buy new ones online if you do not have any at home yet!

Which Crystals Are Safe To Put In Candles?

The answer to this question varies, but the consensus is that you should avoid putting any crystals in your candles. You shouldn’t be putting anything with a direct flame on it into your candles because it could cause an explosion or fire.

However, some crystals are safe to use with candles and they’re listed below:

  • Amethyst is a crystal that has been used for centuries as a talisman against evil and misfortune. It is believed that this stone helps to keep negativity away from the body, mind, and spirit.

Amethyst is also known for its ability to help with grief, depression, and grief over the loss of life. It releases negative energy from the body and helps us get over our fear of death or any other negative emotion that we may have going on at this time in our lives.

  • Rose Quartz is another crystal that has been used for centuries as a talisman against evil and misfortune. This stone helps us find our strength when we feel down, sad, or overwhelmed by all the challenges in our lives these days.

How To Charge Your Candle With Crystals?

To charge a candle, you’ll need to use a simple crystal that isn’t too big or heavy. You can use any type of crystal: quartz, amethyst and other varieties are all great options.

To cleanse your candle after charging it with crystals, simply remove the candle from its holder and add water—you may want to use distilled water if you have sensitive skin or allergies. Allow the water to drain from inside out for about 15 minutes before placing it back in its holder until you’re ready for the next use again!

Is It Safe To Put Crystals In Candles? (With Guide)

Tips For Cleansing Your Crystals?

Cleansing your crystals is an important step in their care. Crystals are made up of many different substances, including quartz, which can be harmful to humans if they come into contact with it.

 To keep your crystal healthy and cleanse it from any toxins in its environment or previous owners’ homes, you should do so at least once every few months (or more often if you’re worried about keeping a healthy crystal).

You should also make sure that the cleansing method you use is safe for your crystal; this will depend on what kind of cleaning solution you choose and where it’s stored after being washed. If possible, try not to use harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia on precious stones.

Instead, try using vinegar or lemon juice which won’t damage the surface texture as much as those two might otherwise do so if left untreated long enough!

How To Cleanse Crystals?

You can cleanse your crystals by smudging them with sage. Sage is one of the most powerful herbs in general, and it has been used for centuries to aid in cleansing and purification. To cleanse a crystal, you’ll need to combine it with some smudging materials:

  • A handful of dried sage leaves (the darker green variety works best)
  • A stick or twig that’s about as long as your crystal (if you have a small stone, use a piece that’s about as long as its width)

Yes, you can put crystals in candles. Here’s more on why and how to do it:

We’ve talked about how to make your candles with crystals, but you may be wondering if it’s safe to put them in your candle. The answer is yes! Crystals are natural and therefore safe to use in candles, but they also have healing properties that can help make the air around you cleanse and bring positive energy into your home.

You can charge up a crystal candle by placing it on an altar or shrine for several hours before lighting it (this step isn’t necessary if you’re making a vanilla-scented jar). It’s best not to burn crystal candles because they contain small pieces of glass—which can cause injuries if ingested accidentally or accidentally dropped onto the floor from above.

Is It Safe To Put Crystals In Candles? (With Guide)

What type of crystals can you put in a candle?

Almandine garnetAnataseAlgodoniteAgateAdamite
Andradite garnetCarletoniteAquamarineAmetrineAlexandrite

1. Citrine

Citrine is a yellow-to-orange colored stone that’s associated with the sun, which makes it a great choice for summertime. It’s said to bring happiness and joy to the user, as well as healing properties.

2. Moonstone

Moonstone is a stone of full moon magic, psychic ability, and spiritual insight. It’s also thought to be a stone of inner growth, intuition, and spiritual insight. Its energy can be used to open up your creative side by helping you see the world in different ways than you normally do.

Moonstone is considered feminine energy because it’s associated with women who have strong personalities but also need nurturing from others in their lives (or themselves). If you’re looking for a crystal that will amplify your femininity while still keeping your personality intact, then moonstone might be right up your alley!

3. Amethyst

Amethyst is a purple quartz that’s associated with the crown chakra. It’s also used to help you connect with your higher self, which can be useful when trying to find balance in your life.

Amethyst is a stone of spirituality and meditation, but it can also calm you down and help relieve stress. It’s not just for candlemaking—you might want to use amethyst as an essential oil or bath salt!

Amethyst has long been known as an ancient healing crystal due to its ability to enhance spiritual growth while simultaneously helping calm nerves at work or home (especially if they’ve been on edge lately).

The soothing qualities of this crystal are especially helpful when dealing with anxiety issues; however, even if yours aren’t related specifically to anxiety disorder per se…it could still be beneficial! If any kind of mental illness affects how well we perform daily tasks like taking care of ourselves physically then there may be some benefit here too!

4. Fluorite

Fluorite is a great crystal for healing and protection, but it can also help you focus.

If you’re looking for crystals that will help with meditation or sleep disorders, then fluorite may be your best bet. If this sounds like something your brain needs right now—and it does!—fluorite might be just what the doctor ordered.

 It’s been known since antiquity as an aid in dreaming while at rest; today we know that dreams are important because they allow us to process our experiences before we wake up again in reality (so that we can avoid repeating them).

Fluorites’ calming effects make them especially effective when used during meditation sessions or other stressful situations where one might feel anxious or overwhelmed. They’re also good for people who suffer from insomnia because they calm down their minds so they don’t keep drifting off into dreamland after only five minutes of lying awake at night!

5. Rose quartz

  • Rose quartz is a calming stone and can help you to feel more at peace. It’s known for its ability to attract love, so if you’re looking to attract romance or friendship, rose quartz is a perfect choice!
  • In addition to attracting love, rose quartz also works well with heartbreak. You can use it when dealing with heartbreak from past relationships or even current ones; if someone has hurt your feelings recently (and maybe even still does), then this crystal would be perfect for healing those wounds!
  • If all else fails but still want some more romance in your life? Rose quartz will help you start dating again after being single for too long—or just because life seems too hard without anyone around anymore.


We know it can be a bit of a scary topic to think about, but once you get the hang of it, putting crystals into your candles is easy! All you need are some safety precautions and basic knowledge about how to incorporate and cleanse them.